The Ohio Clinical Engineering Association started in 1974 as a group of hospital medical equipment engineers who were a part of a joint Safety Committee group of the Greater Cleveland Hospital Association. These engineers had a disagreement with the City of Cleveland over electrical testing laboratory requirements for Medical Equipment that was in use in the city. After this disagreement was resolved, these engineers continued to meet on a regular basis and the organization Clinical Engineering Technology Association CETA was formed.

In 1980 the words North Coast were added to the name to designate the geographic area of Northern Ohio near Lake Erie and NCCETA was created.

In the 1990′s other organizations came into existence in Ohio. There was the Toledo Biomed Association, the Central Ohio Medical Equipment Technicians Association, and the Dayton Biomed. The Ohio Clinical Engineering Association is a combination of all of these Ohio associations and we are still in the process of collecting information about these older groups. We are seeking your help with this collecting process so if you have further details about these early organizations please contact us via email at:


In 2002, after being dormant for a few years, NCCETA was brought back into existence. In 2003 the decision was made by the 2003 Operations Committee to make the organization State Wide and the new name Ohio Clinical Engineering Association or OCEA as the acronym was selected for the new and larger organization.

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